Picture by Kiran Boparai

[EN] Time goes by so fast. This time last year I was back home, back in Portugal, back in a town I was once from, but from which I'd never belonged to. I was living a life I wasn't in love with. All I knew is that I was in love with myself, and I was in love with my dreams. I might not have the dream of wanting to save to world or embed my name on children's history books for generations to come; but it's mine. My dream, my goal, my ambition. And today I've realised I couldn't be on a better path to turn that dream of mine into a reality. I've come to terms that nothing is more important than realising what you are; and to, within yourself, find a sense of belonging towards something, anything. And as long as I keep writing, reading, photographing, learning, travelling and doing everything else I'm passionate about, I know I'll be happy.

EPOCH; (n) a particular period of time in history or a person's life

I am now almost done with my first year of uni, thus I am super busy getting everything ready for my last hand-in. There is a new beauty post coming very soon about something people keep asking me about, but while you wait for it, please make sure you read my previous beauty post about Irresistible Me's Diamond hair straightener!

[PT] Esta publicação estará apenas em inglês! No entanto, aproveito para vos dizer que estou prestes a terminar o meu primeiro ano da faculdade, e, por essa razão, estarei super ocupada a preparar a minha última entrega de trabalhos. Em breve, sairá uma publicação sobre maquilhagem, mas, enquanto esperam, não se esqueçam de ver a minha última publicação de beleza sobre o ferro de alisar Diamond da Irresistible Me!

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